It's a book. It's a website. It's a book! It's a website! It's a bad Chinatown parody!

OK, no. Well, sort of.

A few years ago, I decided to create a website for aspiring screenwriters, discussing all the things standard screenwriting books never seem to address (see Why StarvingScreenwriter.com?) But as I started writing, I realized there was so much to cover that I decided to turn the project into a book. Instead of a website. Or in addition to a website. Or instead of a website. And then, when I realized all the hassles involved in publishing an actual book, the self-generated medium of the Web started looking better and better.

So my little project ended up being both: this website (which contains the full, book-length text of How to Survive (and Maybe Even Prosper) as a Starving Screenwriter)...and - for those who don't want to read an entire book online - two, count 'em two, versions of the book in book form: a downloadable e-book, and a real live paperback...both of which you'll soon be able to order from our Buy the Book page.

In addition, we also offer screenplay coverage and analysis services, and a chance to have your own StarvingScreenwriter questions answered by fellow starving screenwriters.


So what's new here?

Everything. Nothing. Everything! Nothing! OK, both...again.

Everything you're seeing here at the moment is brand new...but it's so new that we still haven't quite finished filling in our pages, and there's still a lot of nothing where something should be. Most of the links aren't yet active. But content pouring has begun, and every few days, you'll find something new or some new area of the site opened for the first time. So please bear with us...and if you like what you see, check back often for the very latest!


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